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Go riding

Please be aware that we do not accept reservations by phone. We primarily run on a first-come first-serve basis; however, we do accept same-day, in-person reservations.

Saddle Horse Rental Policies

Before assigning you a horse to ride we will ask you to fill out a short riding questionnaire. Please be honest in answering the questions. We will then do our best to match you with a horse that fits your skill level. We are only able to accommodate riders under 220 pounds.

Children must be at least 10 years old and 50 inches tall in order to ride with us. 

Riding helmets are an important safety accessory for horseback riding and we encourage you to wear them.  We have helmets available for your use.

Please read and follow our:

Saddle Horse Rules of the Road

  • Always keep horse at a walk while on pavement when going downhill.
  • Keep to the right side of the road.
  • Ride in single file when in traffic.
  • Go at an easy pace.
  • Keep your group together.
  • Do not tie the horse or leave the horse unattended at any time.
  • Do not feed or water horses while out.
  • Your best bet is to remain on your horse at all times.
  • Only one person on a horse.
  • Horses are not allowed on the Main Street.
  • No trading horses. Stay on your assigned horse.

These rules are provided for your safety and riding pleasure. Use good judgment, treat your horse humanely, and enjoy your ride on the island. As an experienced rider who is familiar with the island, your trail guide can provide riding instructions, road and trail directions, and answers to any questions you may have.

Go riding with Jack's Livery Stable

Basic Western Riding

  • Hold both reins in one hand.
  • To turn right, put pressure with the reins on the horse's neck to the right.
  • To turn left, put pressure with the reins on the horses's neck to the left.
  • To get the horse going, kick him in the ribs with your heels and say "Giddy up."
  • To stop the horse, pull back on the reins and say "Whoa."
  • Keep a loose rein when riding on the roads and trails.


When the horse is stopped, don't keep pulling back on the lines because that will cause him to back up. Driving horses are trained to back up when you pull on the lines from a stop.

Saddle Horse Rental Rates

The following rates are in effect this season:

$60/hour for a saddle horse rental.

We accept the following credit cards.

Horseback riders
Horseback riders
Horseback riders
Horseback riders
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