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Prior to 1953, Taylor Gough rented a few drive-yourself horse and buggies out of Horn's barn on Market Street. He had an old gray mare named "Babe," a thin bay gelding named "Pete" and a quiet black gelding named "King." In 1953, Taylor's sons Jack and Burton Gough established Jack's Livery Stable on Mahoney Avenue.

Upon Jack's death in 1970 and Burton's death in 1976, Jack's sons, William and Reginald , Burton's son Dale, and William's wife Cindy took over the family business which now includes Cindy's Riding Stable on Market Street. Today William's sons, W.T., Teddy, and Jeremy, are 4th generation in the horse business that has expanded from Taylor's three horses in 1952 to today's 81 carriage and riding horses.

Burton Gough

Billy Gough
Owner Billy Gough
Billy Riding
Billy riding in 1990s
Aunt Gladys and Uncle Louie
Aunt Gladys and Uncle Louie
Cindy Driving
Owner Cindy Gough driving Aunt Gladys and Uncle Louie
Cindy driving "Prince" on a new four passenger carriage in 1980s
New Sign
Sign erected in 1995
Spring Pasture
Out to pasture during the off-season


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